Theresa Martin

Theresa’s positive attitude, resourceful nature & creative background drive her passion for clear messaging & beautiful, functional design.

Karl Grobson

Karl’s solid work ethic & wide-range experience in on-site event management are key factors in every positive customer interaction.

Tracie Juncaj

Tracie approaches each project with a positive attitude & action-oriented mindset, making every customer interaction a success.

Troy Springer Jr.

Troy’s leadership & positive attitude blends nicely with a “do-whatever-it-takes” approach in every step towards customer satisfaction.

Eric Jacques

Strong technical skills & foresight to see challenges before they occur make Eric an effective leader in all production & execution phases.

Karina Senior

Karina’s conceptualization of all project aspects from micro to macro scale, drives her vision for customer success from start to finish.

Gretchen Belsito

Gretchen’s creative vision consistently transforms the customer’s mission & objectives into dynamic & memorable experiences.